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Sometimes it takes a horrific sight to make you appreciate what you have. Here in Massachusetts, we have some of the finest arborists in the country, and usually, tree pruning is done with skill and sensitivity. The trees on utility rights of way sometimes suffer from poor amputations, but by and large even if utility cutting is done, it’s at least done cleanly.

My sister writes a weblog in Kansas, called Wonky Wheel, in which she writes of this and that. She and her husband live on a county-maintained dirt road, and last week the roadside trees got slashed back. She posted this observation and set of photos (only look if you have a strong stomach) about the tree mutilation happening along the road.

I’ve mentioned Cass Turnbull and her Seattle organization, Plant Amnesty, before in this blog. Plant Amnesty is an outfit dedicated to educating people about woody plants and their care, and especially about good pruning practices. Its mission is “To end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs”. Maybe there could be PA branches in every state, with special attention paid to utility and public rights-of-way maintenance pruning…

It would be great if the kind of hacking that happened in Kansas last week could end. A tree can take only so much stress.

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